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Write a letter to the one you love

…don’t let those words wilt away inside of you. Evident by my previous post is my fondness for love letters.  Below is another love letter from the website Letters of Note. Several readers… Continue reading

Muchas grazie!

Just a silly phrase I made up. I am a bit busy lately; and therefore, I haven’t finished my current read.  For this reason, I felt it time to finally address the awards… Continue reading

The insanity of love

How often do you feel disconnected? Do you ever feel as if you do not belong? In a previous post, I wrote about having introverted tendencies.  I suppose separating oneself from others can develop… Continue reading

What would you choose?

We make an innumerable amount of choices each day — whose severity of impact varies and can reflect on our character. I first wrote about choices in Risk, Regret, and Fairy Tales. Similarly,… Continue reading