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Japan and cancer

On 4 February 2012, it was World Cancer day as reported by the World Health Organization. During that time, I just started my holidays in Japan. It is unlikely to find someone who… Continue reading

A history lesson

Upon reading the words “history lesson” please do not get bored right away and disregard this blog post.  I am not a big history buff as well, but I do enjoy learning about… Continue reading

Nasty little piece of work

That is how I was described. All I did was laugh. With the impending year of the Dragon starting, I Googled what the upcoming new year would mean. Upon my search I found… Continue reading

Risk, regret, and fairy tales

“Estar en las nubes” describes me perfectly. It isn’t enough that I read stories, but I am constantly daydreaming. My imagination likes to wander during almost activity: talking to someone, reading a book,… Continue reading

Socialism is great!

When I saw the above picture in an October 31, 2011 issue of TIME magazine and a caption explaining that the couple owns a Mercedes among other luxuries, I almost burst out laughing.… Continue reading