Frances cannot write…so she reads…a lot.

Hi, I’m Frances Antoinette. Reading brings me solace from the insurmountable medical and pharmacological literature I have to keep current with in order to continue my livelihood. Or to tell the truth, coated with exaggeration, to keep people alive.

I first thought of doing this type of blog after I had settled down from my exhilaration of finding many good reads found at a secondhand shop in Wicker Park, Chicago, IL. Although I lack strong confidence in my writing skills (evident by my blog’s name), I read so many great snippets of prose from a variety of books. My habit is to fold a corner of the page of a paragraph or even a single word that causes my eyes to read it over several times out of admiration or because it caused an”ah-ha! – lightbulb-over-the-head-moment’. I am sure you know what I mean.
My rule is to never buy a brand new book. Those have no character.
I only buy from secondhand shops and borrow books from the public library. It is a bit romantic to daydream who else has flipped through the same pages.
When I travel, my “souvenirs” from the trip are secondhand books. Therefore, I will also post a few internationally located secondhand bookstores I find. I also dabble in a bit of travel writing. A link to the site is located at the very bottom of each page.

After I am done reading a book, I usually pass it on to a friend or donate it to the public library. But sometimes I am selfish with my fabulous find with so very many page corners folded, that I keep it for myself.

I am a busy person and recognize I am not the best writer. So I will let the words of great writers impress you.

The words I have read!

I share them with you here. So here are my entries. Enjoy.