Nasty little piece of work

That is how I was described. All I did was laugh.

With the impending year of the Dragon starting, I Googled what the upcoming new year would mean. Upon my search I found a link to a description of a Ram, which is my Chinese zodiac sign. At the very end, the webpage lists some negative characteristics of persons entitled with this sign and the last words shown in the paragraph are “nasty little pieces of work”. Yup, thats me!

To celebrate the CNY, I really wanted to spend it with parents in Oahu whom love me unconditionally and even though I make mistakes. I was unable to spend the recent holidays with them and I tried really hard to get the flight to them, etc…but things just did not work out as I had wanted. I really miss this guy:

BK (

That’s our dog. Near the house, we like to go to this secluded beach inaccesible by car. For hours, I would sit and read. Or sit and watch the waves. Or sit and wait for sea turtles to come to shore. Or sit and throw the ball as BK fetches it along the sand. Then I would take a break from all my laziness to pick some mangoes from the nearby trees and accompany BK during his trips along the rocky shore chasing the crabs. Then I would get back to sitting in order to wait for the gorgeous sunset before heading home to be fed (a lot) by mother.

Because I miss being there, I recently watch the movie “The Descendants” starring George Clooney (the most handsome man on the planet), which takes place among the islands. Although the movie is mainly about Clooney dealing with his wife being in a coma, it is not a depressing movie due to the light hearted comedic nature of the events surrounding the ordeal. Some nice quotes from the movie:

  • Don’t be fooled by appearances, in Hawaii some of the most powerful people look like bums and stuntmen. (So true)
  • A family is like an archipelago…all part of the same hole, but still separate and alone and always slowly drifting apart.
  • Liz will make it out okay. It’s not her time yet. She’ll wake up…..and we’ll talk about her marriage. I know I can make things right. I’ll sell the land, quit my practice, we’ll take a trip around the world…we’ll get close again, just like the early days.

The last quote are his thoughts invading him whilst conducting real estate business. And a few weeks ago, I was introduced to a few life lessons.

Both suggest the word : Regret. But as I mention in my previous post that we can avoid our biggest regrets by taking a Risk.

the typo annoys me

So in light of this New Year, I resolve to follow the above. What I say or do may be met with rejection and/or thoughts that I am a fool, but

oh well

I still want to be able to say:

From a visit: Taiwanese artist, military affairs reporter, and colleague of President Chiang Kai-shek...more about his art and others exhibited at the Taipei Fine Arts Museum in a later post


In my opinion, part of achieving an incredible life is to see as much of the world as possible. Very soon, I will be visiting parts of Japan and in my previous post I stated that I would be reading Héctor García’s book, “A Geek in Japan”. Unfortunately, I forgot to pick up the book from my friend before he left for his CNY travels. Therefore, I resorted to my book list to choose an alternative read. Decisions on which book to start are usually driven by my mood around that time, yet I chose David Mitchell’s “Cloud Atlas” for a different reason — I heard it was going to be made into a movie and I wanted to make sure I read the book before all the hype due to the film being released this year.

Mitchell must be very intelligent to be able to construct a book which combines six novellas in a unique way. The book is complicated, but here are some of the prose that impressed me:

  • Peace…is a cardinal virtue only if your neighbors share your conscience.
  • Fate has dealt me a fine compensation.
  • Pain is strong,aye–but friends’ eyes, more strong.
  • Past the sundered beech, the meadow falls away to an ornamental lake, ringing with frogs. Seen better days. A precarious footbridge connects an island to the shore, and flamingo lilies bloom in vast numbers. Now and then goldfish splish and gleam like new pennies dropped in water. Whiskered mandarin ducks honk for bread, exquisitely tailored beggars–rather like myself. Martins nest in a boathouse of tarred boards. Under a row of pear trees–once an orchard?


So once again, I will attempt to make my next read “A Geek in Japan”. Happy New Year everyone!